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Restaurant – L’Impiadé sous la Cascada

The Impiadé in bigourdan dialect - "access on foot to the water"...


Choose the Zen and rhythmical flow of water, the waterfall, gravity, sound, filled space. In the oral tradition of our bigourdanes culture the Impiadé is the place to access the abundance ( water, fishing, the ludic pleasure) and in the brutality of the natural elements but also the tumult of the flood that once soothed restores the richness of the pleasures of the flesh.


For THE GROUPS - on order 3 days in advance - menus with products of the moment, in agreement with you.


For the professionals of evenings stages - including breakfast or brunch and dinner.


Breakfast or Brunch in our restaurant (at 7:00 am) - with coffee, chocolate, tea, juice, croissants, bread, butter, jam, eggs, meats, cheese, fruit, etc… everything at your will!


The dinner in our restaurant (from 20:00) - including appetizer, entree, desert and a quarter of wine.


You have the possibility to take your meals in the ambiance you have decided : atmosphere Zen noise, atmosphere mountain stream, atmospheres feet in the water ( revisited St Marco).


Three themed areas available to you :

Barderue – neighborhood bistro

  • you are tasting, the French toast, tapas « y pinchos » accompanied by local wines only: Madiran, Saint Mont, Gaillac.



  • Traditional food, plate service.
  • The card is elaborated from products stemming from the organic farming.
  • The menu at 13 € is served for lunch but also the evening.
  • Garden vegetables and seasonal.
  • Pieces of Beef, Steak & Fish a la plancha or in the wood fire of beech.


Self-service picnic, RestOpicnic - your economic tray meal

  • buffet of appetizers and daily specials following the morning market.


The barbecue lawn is more user-friendly for the family picnic.


Six mallard ducks, two beautiful chickens of Bigorre, in the creek,, the trouts, the sturgeons and other carps coy decorate your meal break. The proximity of the animal, its quiet presence, its natural authenticity.


You will discover a well-balanced aquatic environment, the trout fresh of Pyrenees that breeds under the waterfall of Impiadé.


Decompression assured. Successful digestion.

Finally a natural area that has nothing virtual !